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    Guide for choosing industrial plugs and sockets

    Release Time£º2019-12-10 Click Times£º1732
    At present, the industry plug and socket brand on the market is numerous, a variety of, quality is uneven, so how to buy to rest assured products?

    One, look at the brand

    The quality difference between industrial plug and socket products is huge, because many ordinary consumers do not have the method to identify the pros and cons of the product, coupled with the limited understanding of the switch socket brand, to some illegal businessmen to bring living space, part of the fake products into the market. Of course, many enterprises are very pay attention to their brand image, the requirements for product quality is higher, after-sales service and security. For example, wenzhou zhesong electric production of industrial plugs and sockets, connectors and other industrial plug device waterproof and dustproof effect is very good, quality is also guaranteed, in the industry belongs to the high-end products, but the price is very competitive.

    Two, check appearance

    The panel shall be of uniform color, with a smooth and clean surface, free from indentations, variegated colors, bubbles, stains and cracks. Defects such as lack of glue, deformation, scratch and reduction, metal five-burr, crack, corrosion, rust and screw head damage.

    Three, weigh

    Industrial plug and socket should also be considered when buying the weight. If the merchant chooses the thin copper sheet, it will feel lighter. And the copper piece that good industry plug socket chooses and wiring terminal can compare normally thick, component is opposite heavier. Copper is the key part of industrial plug and socket, and also the key part to identify fake products. When consumer is choose and buy, notice even: some undesirable manufacturer can add iron board in the product in order to increase weight, we must see clearly when choose and buy.


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