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    Industrial socket features

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    The basic characteristic of industrial socket is to have very high safety, have function such as waterproof proof electric shock, have very important position on building materials market.
    The characteristics of the industrial socket due to the various industrial production activities facing the environment is not the same, especially the first industry such as petrochemical steelmaking, mining machinery and equipment and the tertiary industry such as hotels and guesthouse these industries are facing a very different environment, so the performance of the higher requirements.
    1. High safety: because each link in industrial production is complementary to each other, once a problem in one link is likely to affect other links, so the industrial socket needs to have a very high safety index.
    2. Waterproof and anti-shock protection.
    3. Excellent sealing and protection device, to ensure that the industrial plug and industrial socket plug closely
    4. Long service life.
    5. High temperature resistance and flame retardant: industrial production machinery tends to work for a long time, and the operating temperature of equipment may rise to a higher level.
    6. High versatility: the dimensions are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards.


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