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    Industrial plug and socket

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    Industrial plug socket is a new generation of power supply connection devices, they have the characteristics of international common, safe and reliable, suitable for a variety of purposes. It is gradually used in iron and steel smelting, petrochemical, electric power, electronics, construction sites, airports, mines, quarries, water supply and drainage treatment plants, ports, docks, shopping malls, hotels, gardens and as a foreign imported equipment power supply supporting facilities.

    Industrial plug socket adopts the national standard of industrial plug socket and coupler gb11918-11919-2001, which is equivalent to iec60309-1,-2, and en60309-1,-2 UL1682,BS4343 and other international standards. The new generation of industrial plug and socket is suitable for industrial three - phase or single - phase line power connection device. The industry plug socket of different model specification that different company produces, its appearance design has distinguishing feature each, although with makings different, but basic size accords with above standard all but universal. Receptacles for power supply lines and appliance receptacles for receiving equipment can be divided into built-in and wall-mounted, normal (IP44), splash-proof (IP54) and flood-proof (IP67) according to the purpose and installation method and moisture proof class.

    The housing color represents the rated voltage. For example, yellow represents 110v-130v, blue represents 220-250v, and red represents 380-415v, which is easy to distinguish. Plugs and sockets with different rated current have different sizes. In addition, the number of hours of grounding poles varies with the rated voltage, frequency and number of poles. This can prevent different specifications accidentally inserted. The earth pole socket socket is longer than the phase pole socket socket, which ensures that the earth pole is connected first when the socket is connected, and the earth pole is finally removed when the socket is pulled out, which is very safe. Add elastic band on the plug sleeve to ensure good contact with the pin after connection, to avoid burning the plug and socket due to poor contact heat. High level of protection, can be used in poor environmental conditions. The equipment is equipped with anti-shedding device, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of plug and socket power connection.

    The product USES the high quality engineering plastic nylon (PA66) to make the shell, its strength is high, the shock resistance, does not fear to drop and trample, overcomes in the past the old plug socket drop fragile shortcoming, suitable for all kinds of occasions to use.

    The new generation of industrial plug and socket for its versatility, high safety and reliability, quick installation, convenient connection, simple operation, a wide range of specifications, suitable for user selection and international standards and widely used.



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