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    Industrial socket and civil socket distinction

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    First of all, the main difference between the industrial socket and the ordinary civil socket is reflected in the socket appearance: there is a saying, what kind of pot with what kind of cover. The plug of a few high-power electric appliance USES cylindrical industry plug, so corresponding socket should use such circular jack, such socket and plug is industry socket. Industrial receptacle and common civilian receptacle (also call national standard receptacle) have apparent distinction on exterior. Gb socket with flat copper, and industrial socket is round copper column. Industrial socket is generally three - phase four - line or three - phase five - line, jack is also more than the national standard socket.

    Secondly, different requirements of the workplace socket waterproof performance is different:
    The work place of industrial socket socket is in outdoors mostly, one phenomenon that outdoor environment needs to face jointly is weather of rain and snow. In order not to affect the normal work and production at these times, electrical equipment must have waterproof function, IP44, IP67, etc.

    Thirdly, the material used in each part of the industrial socket is also different:
    The cables used in industrial receptacles are also made of special rubber sheathed cables, i.e. flexible, portable cables with rubber and rubber sheathing on the outside of the wires. General cable according to the requirements of national standards, can only be used between 15 degrees below zero to 50 degrees, and rubber cable can be used at 50 degrees below zero without hardening. The core can be used within 65 degrees above zero without any problem. The shell of common socket USES PC material more, have certain heat-resisting and heat-resisting high temperature characteristic, enough for average family user. But because of the particularity of the mobile socket, multi-purpose in the power supply for high-power electrical appliances, so the ability to fire resistance requirements are higher. For this reason, the Wolf electric appliance in the socket panel high use rate high flame retardant PC polycarbon alloy, its impact resistance, toughness, and tough fall resistance, fire retardant, can be used between minus 60 degrees to 120 degrees of safety, a long time to use safety without deformation, effectively extend the life of the socket.


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